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Are you planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah and want everything to be just right?

Houston Bar and Bat Mitzvah DJs - Incredible Events Houston Planning
We are happy to meet with you by telephone or in person to discuss your theme, music, location and other important details. Since we are a full event planning company we can also help you with any decorations, entertainers, or party favors.
Candle Lighting
If you are doing the candle lighting ceremony and have a song picked for each candle, we do all of our shows on computer so the transitions are smooth and we don't have to change out CDs and spoil the moment. If you're stuck for a song, for a particular person, we can help you.
Whether the Bat/Bar would like a few games or a lot of games, we can keep the adults and kids busy with a great selection of activities. In addition to these, we have spinning wheels, custom games, and an actual game show set with blinking lights, bright colors and sound!
Incredible Events Houston Bar Mitzvah DJs provide games and more!

Party Giveaways
Re-live this once and a lifetime event over and over again! We have photographers, photo booths and more complete with the photo giveaways! Key chains, t-shirts, crystal photos, flip books and more! Click here to see our different giveaways!

This is one of the most important things to the younger guests. Does the DJ have the coolest latest music? We subscribe to TopHitsUSA and have everything!!

Not only do we have everything, but it is all radio edits so you don't have to worry about offending your guests with an inappropriate version of the song.

Houston Bar and Bat Mitzvah DJs provide screens, dance music and more!
Houston bar and bat mitzvah DJs lighting and decor
Houston Bar and Bat Mitzvah DJs lighting and party decor!
Lights, Bubbles, Etc.
We just don't go to a show at night without lights!  We've been to too many parties where other djs have the lights shut off and everyone is dancing in the dark.We always bring lights and a bubble machine.They put everyone in a great dancing mood and it brings the party to life.We typically use a mix of the latest in LED and intelligent lighting .The bubble machine is high output for a great effect. If you want to make the show huge, we can add projection screens, lasers and anything else your heart desires within the limits of modern technology.
Click here for a list of party themes! We can dress in any theme, start the show off with music to fit your theme, and even tailor our games around your theme. We can also add character actors and entertainers appropriate with your theme.
Incredible events DJs - houston bar and bat mitzvah djs
None of our DJs are 13, but they know the music and they know what your guests like. We don't embarrass them or treat them like little kids. We treat them like the young adults that they are. The  Bat/ Bar is the star of the show and we let him/her help us in the show and make suggestions.
Jewish Traditions  
We've got a wireless mic for the Motzi over the Challa, we can do the Hora, and help with any other traditional dances or traditions.
Incredible Events DJs, great for your bar and bat mitzvah traditions!

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